Planning and Preconstruction

Our construction teams are skilled in preconstruction activities and factor in efficiency and accuracy to offer clients the best project value.

Entitlement and Permitting

We are well-versed in local, state, and federal regulatory permit and entitlement processes. This knowledge allows us to be a valuable resource for landowners and developers on all project types.

Project Management

We strategically select teams to provide the required leadership, technical knowledge, and management skills to ensure our client’s unique objectives are achieved.

Safe, Secure Building

We communicate our firm belief in safety and security through our leadership, project planning, work practices, jobsite training, and clear communication.

Building Information Modeling

We are adept at building information modeling to add clarity in design, construction, cost estimating, material tracking and procurement.

Value Engineering

We have systematic methods to identify cost reduction opportunities while maintaining original design intent in order to maximize value.

Quality Assurance

From ensuring submittals are complete, correct, and in compliance with the contract documents to reviewing the quality of the installed work with the construction team, we ensure clients are satisfied at each stage.

Sustainable Construction

We are committed to environmental responsibility and efficiency during each project phase. We look for ways to reduce ecological impact, environmental cost, and increase efficiency while maintaining budget parameters.

Centric Toolbox

Toolbox provides customized building preventative management and maintenance programs.

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Meet Our Experts

The people who work at Centric General Contractors share values of the communities we work within. We’re driven by a promise that our work is delivered through effective planning, concise management, quality craftsmanship, and sense of integrity. We are leaders, managers, builders, engineers, technicians, coordinators, communicators, and animal lovers. There is unique strength in our diversity.

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Tim McDonald

President & CEO - Centric Building

Tim McDonald is the president of San Francisco and Napa Valley offices. He has over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry specializing in luxury resorts, boutique hotels, custom single family homes.

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David Riordan

Director of Operations - Centric Building

Dave is the Director of Operations for the San Francisco and Napa Valley offices. He oversees the management of operations and construction. He has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry.

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Branden McDonald

Director of Development - Centric Building

Branden is the director of development for the San Francisco and Napa Valley offices. He oversees the business development and marketing and actively involved with estimating and construction.

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Hanno Nehrenheim

President - Centric Construction

Hanno Nehrenheim is the president of South San Francisco office. He oversees the management, which includes estimating, construction, operations, and business development.

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Kevin Russell

CEO - Centric Construction

Kevin Russell is the chief executive officer of South San Francisco office. He oversees finance and shares the management of estimating, operations, and business development with Hanno Nehrenheim.

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Robert Desselles

President - Centric Gulf Coast

Robert Desselles is the president of New Orleans office. He oversees all management, which includes construction, finance, operations, and business development.