Long Meadow Ranch Poultry Barn

The Long Meadow Ranch’s Farmstead Restaurant is one of the most influential farm-to-table restaurants in the Napa Valley. Visiting the restaurant, you will find a farmhouse tasting salon, sensory garden, and small vineyard. It comes as little surprise to local area patrons, Long Meadow Ranch (LMR) decided to raise their own chickens and build a poultry house. Along with the promise of fresh eggs, the Long Meadow Ranch chickens add certain character to their farm in Rutherford. Together, Long Meadow Ranch and Centric General Contractors teamed up to properly plan and design the proper space to protect the LMR flock of 400 birds. The barn has 700sf of free roaming space and the unit does not have any cages. A ramp that lets the chickens move freely between the poultry house and the run. There are 100 nesting boxes and eight 4ft wide roosting perches for the chickens. The Long Meadow Ranch chickens are healthier and provide more nutritious, tastier eggs. In addition, chickens are a great resource for providing much needed compost for ever-flourishing gardens. The poultry house is simply a space to ensure their continued care and feeding.




Long Meadow Ranch


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